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Career Counseling

Career Services can help you to do :

  • Choose your major and connect it to a future occupation
  • Find your ideal career by engaging in assessments to discover your skills, interests and personality
  • Learn about different occupations
  • Connect your major to a future occupation
  • Get experience (volunteer/internship/job) to build your qualifications for your future career
  • Connect you with employers via career fairs and information sessions events
  • Polish up your job search correspondence, e.g., résumé, cover letter
  • Prepare for an upcoming interview
  • Learn the process about applying to graduate school

Career Services has a lot of information on our website to help you with all of the above .and more. Career Services is here to help! See us by choosing one of the following options:

Lay the foundation for a perfect-fit career

The things you have a natural talent for are almost always the things you enjoy doing the most. Our Career Testing Program is your one-of-a-kind opportunity to understand the exact nature of gifts you were born with – the things you do that don’t seem like work at all, and that are the essential components of a career you’ll love.

Everyone is born with a unique set of talents and abilities that make them uniquely qualified to do specific sets of tasks. It’s vital that you know what these are. These talents are wholly different from interests and the acquired knowledge or skill sets that most other so-called aptitude tests measure. What you’ve learned to do may not be what you really enjoy doing. What you fantasize about doing.

That makes Our Testing Program the most powerful tool available for calibrating your compass toward a career you’ll thrive in. Unlike other tests, it goes far beyond telling you what you already know about your interests and skill sets.

Through a series of specific career aptitude tests and a thorough interpretation via phone conference or in-person with a Rockport expert, you’ll gain an invaluable understanding of the abilities and traits that define you as a unique human being. These are the personal attributes that will be ever-present throughout your lifetime and are keystones to the kind of work you’ll wake up every morning wanting to do.

EEC PLEASE Career Aptitude Test has already helped thousands of thoughtful people find work that seems like play by revealing what they naturally do well. It’s the only test of its kind that we know of – and thanks to 30 years of collected data and continual refinement, its thoroughness and accuracy are impossible to duplicate.

Who We Serve

We serve currently enrolled School, junior college, undergraduate and graduate students For recent graduates, we provide special training sessions also those are scheduled on week ends to not disturb student’s present study schedule.

Specialty Areas

Our career counselors are generalists - which means that any counselor can help you. In addition, each of our counselors has some expertise in certain areas. Our front desk staff will be happy to help direct you to the counselor who covers your major.

Career change or first career choice - don't leave it to chance.

What would your life be like if your job fully expressed your talents, passions and personality, and fulfilled your deepest values and goals?

What if you woke up looking forward to your day at work?

We will guide you through choosing a realistic career that includes everything most important to your fulfillment and maximum success.

We will motivate you to push the envelope of the decision-making process, becoming an active and even joyous participant in finding your own unique path.

Our counselling session is Extremely helpful...for anyone seeking to create a career of meaning and satisfaction.

Your business must fit the market. But it must also fit your strengths.

Our Entrepreneur’s education programme in association with ICECD is the one best way to make sure you choose the kind of business you’ll thrive in. Maybe you’re a veteran entrepreneur casting about for a new venture. Or you’re a new entrepreneur who wants to be sure the business you choose is a good match for your abilities. Or your existing business is growing and now you need to decide which responsibilities to hold onto and which to give away.

In all these cases, you’ll come away from the Entrepreneur’s Program with absolute confidence in the answers.

Many more entrepreneurial ventures fail than succeed. Sometimes it’s bad marketing. Or bad finances. Or bad luck. But just as often it’s a plain bad fit. For more than 15 years, ICECD has been helping entrepreneurs avoid this kind of mismatch by our systematic process of assessment, discovery and synthesis that represents the leading edge of career consultation and coaching.

As the result of the Entrepreneur’s Program, you’ll guarantee yourself an elegant match between who you are and what your business requires. Step by step, you’ll consider all the factors that play a part in choosing a business that fits you perfectly. You’ll understand, as never before, your traits, temperament, goals, values, and expectations– and how all these facets combine to forecast the kind of work that will energize and inspire you day after day and give you your greatest chance at success.

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About EEC

At EEC PLEASE , our reputation is built on QUALITY & INTEGRITY, qualities that underpin each of our business and client relationships. We offer independent, impartial and objective consultancy, delivered with the highest level of professionalism and discretion.

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